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Recent Customer Requests for Air Conditioning

AC not keeping house cool...unit not making noise, fan stopped spinning. unit did come back on and briefly start to cool the house. went down from 80 to 78. but, stopped cooling again.

Craig J

Hello, I was wondering about central air conditioning.

Porsha A

I am looking for a quote to have Air Conditioning put in my home. Thanks

Michelle B

The upstairs air conditioner quit cooling. it was looked at Saturday and said R22 Freon was very low, probably a leak; it leaked before in 2005. Thought they would need to replace coils or a new A/C. The original is a Lenox, 9 years old I think 3.6 ton; never did cool real well, might be undersized. Two story house total sq ft 3,600. Upstairs around 1,400 sq ft. No one is living/sleeping upstairs right now, so I can look for some options, but would like to fix this week.

William R

I would like to get an estimate on a new AC unit and maybe a furnace.

David B

My ac unit just went out, a bad compressor and may have to acquire another unit. 

Paul T

We need an estimate to repair or replace an AC unit.

Kim S

I am leasing a 4000 square foot space in a 100 year old building, that has no air conditioning. Mostly dance floor and we are a dance studio. Lots of big windows, cannot put anything on the roof, what are the options and costs of permanent air conditioning?


Our air conditioner suddenly stopped providing cool air though the fan still works.

Michele S

We are looking at having central AC installed and would like to know how much it might cost.

Kylie R

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